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 Johnson Dcunha.

Embedding Fonts or keeping document fonts intact.

If you are on Windows, 
Before Sharing or Taking to any other Office program, try to embed fonts inside word file. (So that you can open even in other PCs where these fonts are not installed)

To do this, Open the same Word/ Power Point file in your Microsoft Office (may be 2010 /2013 /2016...etc),
Go to File -> Options (bottom) ->
Click On -> Save ( in tab list)
Tick the option:  'Embed Fonts in the File'
Do not Tick the next two lower options,  (if already checked, Uncheck it)
[Remember, Tunga / Nirmala UI is system font for Kannada - only Windows 7 onwards. So you should not omit system fonts.]
Then Click Ok.
Finally, Click on 
File -> Save. (I mean, Save The file again)
File size will be Bigger but now and you can open it in any other compatible computer with your Fonts intact. 
Additional Options
You can also print the office document with any other font to pdf . Especially spreadsheet applications do not embed fonts so far in them. So, to keep the structure intact for portability and sharing, it is a better option to convert into pdf.
If you want to convert a document file to PDF on Windows, [Later versions of MS Office have this option inbuilt] A handy Tool, 'Do PDF' can be installed. (You can use any other tools also as per your wish)
Go to

to download.
Then Install the file in Windows System by double clicking it, And follow the setup instructions.
After installing dofdf,
Open the word file,
Go to Print.
Select 'Dopdf' as the printer.
Click on Print.
A Dopdf menu will appear. Tick "EMBED FONTS" in the options and quality.
Click browse. and Save Where ever you want to save the pdf file.
Finally, Click on OK

Another solution:
You can install 'OpenOffice' or 'LibreOffice'. (Latter is the new name for the same software) 
There is another company called 'Apache' which develops Apache Open Office. Which is also similar to OpenOffice, But differs in some functionalities. 
Initially There was one OpenOffice, then there were few more versions built by different parties, creating 2 to 3 branches of application development. (To know more, search in wikipedia)
 You can use 'LibreOffice' and Apache Open Office in Windows as well. Which will allow you to do all tasks that MS office does. You can directly convert word excel etc files into pdf.
DOWNLOAD ANY ONE FILE FROM BELOW. (You need faster internet to download bigger files)
A recent version of LibreOffice () can be downloaded from here. (Click Here)
A recent version of Apache Open Office () can be downloaded from here. (Click Here).
LibreOffice allows you to convert its files into PDF directly.
To install other versions, (And if you come to see this post after several days, By that time any new version may be available.)